Monthly Archives: July 2020

Welcome to the World, Goldstream Community Garden!

A new “living fence” is planted on top of a hugel mound. It will be covered in edible berries and beautiful bushes for park users and passers by to enjoy.

Beautifying donated lumber brings character to the garden.

Volunteers add a trellis to the space between two raised beds.

In February, 2020 the Goldstream Valley Lions voted in favor of fostering a Goldstream Community Garden on land owned by the club just behind the playground.  The GCG is being conceptualized, planned and executed by a group of volunteers made up of Lions and non-Lions.  The ultimate goal will be for the Goldstream Community Garden to become it’s own non-profit organization, able to manage it’s own operation and funds with a Board of Directors and association members.

For now, the GCG is relying on the financial support and infrastructure of the Goldstream Lions Club.  Currently, the majority of the organizers are GVLC board members.  We’d like this to change by bringing in volunteers from the wider community to help shape and manage the GCG, using these Lions members as liaisons during and after these coming years of transition.  The Gioldstream Lions strongly support this idea of a community garden and want to see it thrive as it’s own entity.  We’ve seen some great progress toward this goal already.

While the garden is well under way, physically, right now the GCG is in need of folks interested in helping to organize meetings and the way those meetings will operate, folks to take, save and share meeting notes, folks interested in discussion and developing a fee schedule and rules for rental plots, folks interested in organizing community outreach events for children and adults and folks interested in overseeing special projects at the garden, fundraising and general maintenance.  This would be a great opportunity to utilize your past experience in non-profit work or to begin your career as a volunteer and organizer!

If you are interested in being part of this grass-roots community organization please feel free to contact Zoe Marshall-907-885-7589, CJ Russell- 907-460-4042 or Lindsey Copelin- 207-939-1864.  You can also visit the Goldstream Community Garden on facebook at: and message the GCG there.

An informational event is also scheduled for July 22nd at 7pm outside in the garden area.  Event details at