Goldstream Lions Covid 19 Response


In response to the rapidly developing Covid 19 pandemic we at the Goldstream Valley Lions Club are taking the following measures to help protect our club members, volunteers and the community we serve.

All RENTALS OF THE KEN KUNKEL COMMUNITY CENTER WILL BE SUSPENDED UNTIL MAY 1, 2020.  This includes regular small gatherings such as boy and girl scout meetings.  The outdoor areas of Goldstrem Lions Park have always been first-come, first-served and will remain open.  Please use these areas responsibly and practice good hygiene and social distancing even when outdoors.

All IN-PERSON CLUB MEETINGS HAVE BEEN CANCELED FOR MARCH AND APRIL.  Virtual meetings are a possibility and club members will be notified via email if a virtual meeting is scheduled.  OFFICER ELECTIONS ARE POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  The current Board of Directors will serve until which time elections can be held safely.

EASTER FESTIVITIES ARE CURRENTLY BEING REEVALUATED and an update will be provided as soon as possible.

Our club and members care deeply about the health of the Goldstream Community.  Trust that we are considering meaningful and healthful ways to assist in this time of need.  Bear with us while our volunteer membership gets a handle on how this effects our lives and how we can best serve the community.  At this time we can use the help of our community to keep our outdoor facilities clean.  Please take extra care to clean up after yourselves, pack out your own garbage when possible and sanitize playground equipment and surfaces before and after use.  This will allow our volunteers to stay home as much as possible as recommended by health and government officials.

Thank you, Goldstream!  We will get through this!

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